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In-Home Therapy Acquires Remedy Therapy Staffing, Expands to Austin and San Antonio, TX Markets



The home therapy brand will expand its reach within and support the therapy community, partnering with the therapists and business owners behind Remedy to grow within Texas markets.

InHome Therapy has acquired Remedy Therapy Staffing, an Austin, Texas-based home health company. The acquisition will expand InHome Therapy’s footprint to a new market while strengthening its network of committed therapists providing in-home therapy.

“I think this particular company’s culture is a great fit with InHome Therapy. In terms of heroicizing the therapist, providing training, and focusing on patient outcomes, our priorities align,” explained Rick Anglin, InHome Therapy’s Corporate Development Officer. “Remedy is extremely well run and has a strong management team, and both owners are staying on.”

Remedy Therapy Staffing was initially born out of two therapists’ desire to provide quality home health care to their communities. After crossing paths professionally over the years, Kristen Fowler and Keri Jackson worked side-by-side in a rehabilitation environment and began discussing the possibility of starting their own home-health business.

“We focus on home health, and we both like doing geriatrics, so that has been a priority,” Fowler explained. “We like the flexibility and the ability to provide more personalized care in the home. We both have a lot of hospital experience, and we realized just how important home health is as well.”

Remedy was established in 2010 and has been led by the two ever since.

The brand has always emphasized the value of its therapists and worked to prioritize both the therapists and their patients, always looking for ways to make the lives of everyone involved a bit better.

“I really like that we have therapists leading therapists,” Jackson said. “That’s really our special sauce.” InHome Therapy’s emphasis on the connection between its therapists ensures there will be a fantastic culture fit.

After experiencing rapid growth, Fowler and Jackson knew that change would be coming for the company. Though the COVID-19 pandemic hampered business, Remedy persisted, and business has been on a steady uptick ever since. Some of the brand’s connections were left to grow and rebuild after the pandemic, and their utilization of Remedy’s network of therapists jumped from about 50% to 90%.

“We knew we were either going to acquire someone or get acquired. Then InHome came, and it was the perfect fit,” Fowler explained. “I think InHome will be a great home for our therapists, and they will continue to provide excellent quality care. At Remedy, we don’t want to be just a staffing company; we want to be the primary contact for anyone we are working with because it allows us to be timely and offer the best care.”

Anglin explained that Texas is a prime market for InHome as the geriatric population has been growing within the area, and home health agencies are in high demand. As the two brands come together, Anglin said that he hopes existing client relationships will be strengthened while providing the support of a national brand with a national footprint.

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