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InHome Therapy Helps Interim HealthCare of Treasure Coast Receive its First 5-Star Rating


By building supportive communities for therapists, the first Home-Therapist-as-a-Service (HTaaS) agency is helping healthcare providers improve therapist services and patient outcomes.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — InHome Therapy, the first Home Therapy as a Service (HTaaS) solution in the healthcare market, has helped Interim HealthCare of Treasure Coast, Florida, receive its first five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Interim Healthcare of the Treasure Coast Executive has been partnered with InHome Therapy for over a decade. Interim Healthcare Director Patrick Topp says the partnership has been essential in improving the quality of care it provides.

“We contract out our therapists, and the partnership with InHome has allowed us to leverage their therapy community without having to individually recruit staff,” he said. “Most outsourced therapists are very independent, and because they are overworked and on their own, the quality of care they provide suffers. InHome’s therapists are supported and work together as a community, and you can really see the results. Partnering with them has done so much to affirm our reputation in local markets.”

According to Kristie Kamps, InHome Therapy’s Chief Clinical Officer, the agency trains its therapists to help prevent rehospitalization — one of three crucial metrics (along with evaluation outcomes and patient satisfaction survey) by which agencies are rated. Additionally, InHome Therapy provides therapists with the resources and education they need to promote patient improvement between the initial and final evaluations.

“We educate therapists with training and documentation so that our performance outcomes are as positive as possible,” said Kamps. “When the survey is done after the final discharge of the patient, a third party will reach out to the patient to fill out a satisfaction survey. It asks a variety of questions, and we’ve focused our training programs on ensuring those questions are answered in the most positive way. We’ve worked backward to see how our patients answered these questions and how we could improve. Now, we train our therapists from the beginning so they know what to look for and can provide constant collaboration and communication.”

For example, by analyzing previous satisfaction surveys, InHome Therapy saw that patients were not satisfied with the way therapists were answering their questions in regards to their medication profiles.

“When patients saw the therapists come in, they felt as though questions were only being asked about therapy, not about medication,” Kamps said. “We trained therapists to ask those medication-centric questions every single time they came into the client’s home. As we continued to align therapists with the needs of their clients, the agency’s rating gradually improved.”

Topp says InHome Therapy’s support has been invaluable in helping the agency receive its first five-star rating from CMS.

“The rating is something that I am extremely proud of. It demonstrates that we are a high-quality, patient-centered agency,” he said. “InHome Therapy helps us provide the best care possible from start to finish. Therapists are an integral part of ensuring patients can navigate their homes in a safe, efficient manner. Without InHome Therapy, it would have been very hard to achieve a five-star rating.”

Looking ahead, Topp says Interim Healthcare of the Treasure Coast is looking to expand to new territories and will continue to collaborate with InHome Therapy to help promote that growth. And as InHome Therapy grows into new markets as well, it is actively seeking new therapist partners who align with its purpose of ensuring that patients, agencies and therapists rise together.

“We’re proud to have hired some of the most talented and passionate professionals in this industry, and we can’t wait to build on that momentum as we continue to grow,” InHome Therapy’s Cheif Revenue Officer, Dan Haggerty said. “As the first HTaaS solution in the market, there’s a lot of ground to cover on this new frontier of home health— and we’re excited to do it with some of the most talented professionals who genuinely care about our grassroots purpose and wish to grow in their field.”

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