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InHome Therapy is facilitating a new travel therapy program, expanding the company’s reach to more markets and customers.



InHome Therapy, the world’s first Home Therapy as a Service (HTaaS) concept, is expanding its reach through a new travel therapy program called IHT Travel that launched in July under this new brand.

The service offering arrives as part of InHome Therapy’s acquisition of Remedy Therapy Staffing, an Austin, Texas-based home health company. That acquisition — the latest in a series of high-profile partnerships for the rapidly growing company — will allow InHome Therapy to incorporate Remedy’s robust menu of service offerings, including travel therapy.

Remedy Therapy was founded in 2010 by two therapists, Kristen Fowler and Keri Jackson, who worked together in a rehabilitation center before deciding to start their own home-health business to provide better quality health care to their community.

After more than a year of planning, Remedy Therapy began offering travel therapy in 2021.

“When we started having our first discussions with InHome Therapy, we were in the early stages of planning our travel therapy program,” Jackson said. “It was something we were really excited about, and we were encouraged to find that InHome was just as excited as we were. It was not a service they previously offered, but they saw the same opportunities we were aiming to capture.”

By allowing therapists to travel out of the market, InHome Therapy is able to extend its service reach and company name, as well as create more opportunities for its community of therapists.

“After a few years of fantastic growth, the partnership with Remedy and the addition of travel therapy is one of our biggest milestones yet,” said Rick Anglin, InHome Therapy’s Corporate Development Officer. “Not only will it allow us to reach more patients in a wider range of markets and locations, but it will also allow us to provide more and better opportunities to our therapists, which is always a critical priority for us.”

With the acquisition and Integration behind complete, InHome Therapy is now prioritizing growth opportunities for IHT Travel. “We’ve built our database of traveling therapists, signed new contracts with national and regional agencies who need travelers, and have re-structured the IHT Travel organization to optimize the therapist and agency experience,” explains Jackson. In the second half of 2022, the company will bolster its marketing efforts for travel, introduce technology solutions to optimize the placing process, and add additional placement coordinators. “We’re so excited to see what the future holds,” said Jackson.

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