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InHome Therapy Plans To Enter Three New States and Double Therapist Count In 2022


InHome Therapy, the first Home Therapy as a Service (HTaaS) solution in the market, entered the healthcare market in 2021 to solve the increasing needs of a booming home-health industry. Now, the disruptive company is gearing up to expand into Indiana and New Jersey to double its number of therapists to 600 by the end of year.

By positioning itself as the most attractive option for physical, occupational and speech therapists, InHome Therapy is rapidly establishing itself as the employer of choice for therapists. The company currently works with roughly 300 therapists across the four states of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida.

InHome Therapy CEO Matt Murphy says the brand’s innovative model has created a lucrative path forward.

“We’re forging a new path in occupational, speech and physical therapy with InHome Therapy,” said Murphy.

“We are laser-focused on providing our therapists with the tools, support and flexibility they need to deliver the best care possible, and to take the burden of finding the right people at the right time and place out of the picture.” The company leverages its unmatched systems, processes and tools to unlock a new approach for delivering sustainable and measurable quality outcomesto home therapy patient care.

“InHome Therapy is more than just therapy in the home,” said Meaghan Chitwood, InHome Therapy’s chief operating officer. “What we’re trying to do is flip the model. We’re building relationships and a community with as many therapists as possible. By doing this, when we have a need in any given location, we can simply reach out and say, ‘Here’s what’s available, is anybody interested?’”

Additionally, Chitwood states that the brand puts a heavy emphasis on therapist training and back-office support in order to best meet the needs of every patient, in every home.

“We realize that our therapists are growing their careers and looking for an opportunity — a community — where they feel supported and can provide the best care for patients,” said Chitwood. “InHome Therapy offers that environment of support for occupational, speech and physical therapy where they can hone in on what they do best while we build the infrastructure around them to keep the general hassles of healthcare at bay.”

The company is taking strides to ensure it builds relationships with the best clinicians, offering a number of lucrative incentives to join. Therapists joining the InHome Therapy team will receive continuing education for free and are included in a community where they are constantly inspired to be the best versions of themselves.

“InHome therapy is a great stepping stone for many of these therapists,” said Chitwood. “They need to feel like they have what they need to live their passion, and we provide that. We all are working together to provide the best in-home therapy care possible and truly change the healthcare industry.”

About InHome Therapy:

InHome Therapy leverages its unmatched systems, processes, and tools to unlock a new approach for delivering sustainable and measurable results to home therapy patient care, ensuring that patients, therapists, and agencies rise together. Today, InHome Therapy employs over 300 therapists and has completed over two million patient visits in key locations across the country, utilizing powerful and easy-to-use tools and training that allow therapists to continuously deliver optimal care. For more information, visit