For patients, therapists and agencies to rise together.


  • To be the most sought-after employer of therapists
  • To be the most sought-after therapy partner for healthcare companies
  • To produce the highest quality therapy outcomes for patients

Core Values

  • Unwavering commitment to quality care
  • Individual accountability that gives rise to team results
  • Unequivocal excellence in all we do. How we do anything is how we do everything.
  • Positivity, energy and enthusiasm in all we do

Helping One Another to Provide High-Quality Care

We are designed to help train and nurture therapists at all stages of their careers to ensure they are equipped to deliver the highest quality of care found in the market.

To accomplish this, we have built a full suite of proprietary processes to meet the needs of therapists. We then deliver the flexibility, culture and tools they require to remove any friction.

It’s this process that has enabled us to identify and hire hundreds of the nation's top therapists. Keeping them fulfilled allows us to retain them. Having these high-quality therapists continuously on staff means we’ll not only deliver the best care to your patients, we’ll protect your reputation by consistently representing your company at the highest caliber.

Our therapists are given what they need to stay more than just fulfilled, but ahead in the industry. These include:

  • FlexibilityWhen our therapists are taken care of, so are our clients. They deliver the care they need to, when and where they want.

  • Ongoing TrainingPatient needs are constantly evolving, and we provide our therapists the ongoing training to stay ahead of these needs.

  • Credits Education is the key to furthering a career, and we help with that by providing education credits. We empower our therapists to take the classes they need, where they need them.

  • Tools and ResourcesInHome Therapy’s leadership team constantly stays in touch with our therapists, ensuring they have the tools and resources to excel at their job.

“I’m given the freedom and support to be the therapist that I’m passionate about being.”

Teresa D.
Arlington Heights, IL
Speech Therapist


“I’m living my life’s dream. I really look forward to providing therapy for my patients. I go in with a positive attitude and I get positive results, and InHome has enabled me to give my best in all situations. Seeing patients improve is incredibly gratifying.”

Laura K.

Lisa L.

Chicago, IL

Occupational Therapist


Delivering the Best Care
to Our Clients and Patients

Our therapists are our top priority for a reason: when we ensure their career goals are met, they deliver better outcomes. We were built by some of the top therapists in the country, so we understand your mission and we work tirelessly to fulfill it. The result? Best-in-industry care.

We know that you need a trusted resource that can help expedite care for your patients and remove the burden of recruitment. We also know that therapists deserve the support, respect and training that will help them deliver the best care possible. It’s this combined understanding that makes us the nation’s most comprehensive and caring provider of therapy solutions.

Are You a Future Agency Partner or Therapist?

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