InHome Therapy's
Referral Program:
Doing it Differently

Most referral programs require your referral to be hired. We don't. We want to build connections. We realize that many therapists are currently employed, but by making an introduction you can help ensure they are aware of InHome Therapy in the future should their employment change.

We respect your relationships and confidence in us and will approach your referral contact with the utmost consideration.
Once an introduction is made, this is the email we will send to your referral
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Our Quest for Talent

We are asking therapists to introduce us to other professionals in the industry. If your referral gets hired and stays with InHome Therapy for 30 days, as a thank you, you will receive $500.

Introduce Us

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PAYMENT OF AWARDS BREAKDOWN: The referral bonus will be $500 and given 30 days after the employee is hired if they are an InHome Therapy hire. If a GoTravel Therapy referral placement, the $500 referral bonus will be given after one week completed at the placement.